Email Copilot is now
powered by Return Path

Email Copilot is extending the suite of
Email Optimization solutions offered by Return Path.

We assure emails get to the inbox by analyzing billions of rows of data and solving problems in real-time

Our customers are high-volume marketers, brands, ESPs, and agencies

Know WHEN you have a problem
WHY you have a problem
and how to FIX that problem

Emails Processed
Errors Tracked
Alerts Generated


75% of our new customers have problems, yet most didn’t think they would

Pre-Flight Checks

Am I ready to click that send button?

  • Am I on a blacklist?
  • What are my spam scores?
  • Are my authentication policies like SPF and DKIM right?
  • Has our technical infrastructure changed?
  • Are my links valid?

We know the answers, and we’ll tell you in real-time if there are problems so they can be fixed before it’s too late.


Even our best senders have problems that crop up nearly every month

In-Flight Monitoring

I’ve clicked that send button.  How’s it going?

  • Are we blocked by Gmail, Yahoo!, or other ISPs?
  • What do I do with these bounce messages?
  • Is my engagement where it should be?
  • Did we end up on a blacklist?
  • How do I fix these problems?

Normally, it might take you hours or days to identify a problem, let alone fix it.  Email Copilot handles all of this in real time.

The faster you fix problems, the faster your email program can generate its full revenue potential

"So far we have seen a 10-20% increase in our overall open rate. The improvement in opens is worth the investment alone. Just a couple of extra conversions pays for itself."

− Shawn Meldrum, Director of Sales and Marketing, Wealth Education Group

"Email Copilot has helped us boost our CTR by almost 19%. Incredible support and been responsive to our feature requests. I highly recommend working with them."

− Ryan Niessen, Marketing Manager, The Elevation Group

"We use Email Copilot and LOVE their platform ...and the integration actually might take even less than three minutes :)"

− Sam Melamed, CEO, Melnet Media

"We use Email Copilot and SendGrid for ourselves and our clients and couldn’t be happier."

− Paul Reinarz, CEO, Rezora

"Knowing when we’re being blocked and having recommendations on how to deal with that has helped us get our emails to our customers"

− Chandra Benjamin, Manager, Customer Contact, Bluestem Brands

"Email Copilot helps me be proactive with my biggest customers. It gives me a reason to get in front of them more, and I'm able to react faster on their behalf."

− Technical Account Manager, Major ESP

"Had we known about this SPF issue when it actually happened 3 weeks earlier, we would have saved countless hours researching the problem and dealing with dissatisfied customers. This is a no-brainer."

− Justin Paterno, President, StockTwits

"This is something we should be providing to all of our customers."

− Director of Customer Success, Major ESP

"You guys are a lifesaver and your team has been consistently wonderful to work with!"

− Mathieu Silverstein, CMO and Marketing Technologist, Wealth Factory


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