Email Deliverability Reporting and Data Exploration is Here!

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  • March 22, 2016


A lack of visibility into data.

Email marketers, deliverability teams, ESPs, agencies, and other service providers are all plagued by the same thing.  Sometimes it’s their own data, sometimes it’s their customers’ data.

Even if they have access to the millions or billions of rows of data, getting useful information out of this data is a nightmare.  It might require sifting through log files, building complex and confusing queries and scripts, requesting info from a 3rd party, or other time-consuming activities.

Real time data exploration is here!

Email Copilot is proud to announce that it’s no longer necessary to wait for data.  It’s no longer necessary to try to decipher the data.  This data, your data, is now available to you to explore.  It’s real-time, it’s interactive, and frankly…we think it’s pretty awesome!

Deliverability, demystified.

Break open the “black-box” of deliverability. Unleash your data, understand problems in minutes rather than hours or even days.

Issues by ISP:

  • Bounces and deferrals by ISP
  • Bounces and deferrals over time
  • Filter and drill into data with a simple click

Bounce and Deferral Impact:

  • Quickly see the most severe bounces and deferrals
  • View trends of individual bounce and deferral types
  • Click, filter, understand

Individual Metrics vs History:

  • Track bounces, deferrals by time
  • Compare against historical average / percentiles
  • One-click filter by ISP or ESP account

Engagement, explored.

Understand how and when your users are engaging, and correlate the effects deliverability has on rates across ISPs.

Positive Engagement:

  • Opens and clicks by ISP and time
  • Click-to-open scatter plots by ISP, volume, and date
  • One-click filtering and drill-down

Negative Engagement:

  • Spam, complaints, and unsubscribes by ISP and time
  • Filter and drill into the data with a single click

Individual Metrics vs History:

  • Track opens, clicks, complaints, and unsubscribes by time
  • Compare against historical average / percentiles
  • One-click filter by ISP or ESP account

Business intelligence.  For email!

Our goal is to present your data, in real-time, in a format that is actually useful and tells the right story.  This is just our first step.  We have a lot of great ideas in the works, so keep an eye out here for what’s next!