New Pre-Flight Checks Feature: Email Validation

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  • August 26, 2015

We have all experienced anxiety around clicking the send button.  Unfortunately, there are two sides of anxiety surrounding it:

  • Before you click send…
  • …and after you click send.

Email Copilot’s In-Flight Monitoring has been providing real-time alerts, root-cause, and solutions to alleviate the “after you click” anxiety for some time now. We’ve been working hard on adding solutions to alleviate anxiety on the “before you click” side of the button and are proud to announce the first products associated with our Pre-Flight Checks: Email Validation!

The way it works is easy – you just subscribe an email address that we provide to your list, and just like our other products you can kick back and relax. We will notify you if there are any problems that need your attention. Here is an example result, with several different problems:Pre-Flight Checks Results

Of course, we are happy to dig in and help resolve any problems that are identified.  Here’s some of what we check (with more to come over time):

SPF: We make sure the record that is published is valid and that the IP address passes. We also check for less common SPF problems, like included domains that don’t have published SPF records (void lookup)

DKIM: Makes sure the message is DKIM signed, that the signature is valid, and that it uses a strong key.

rDNS: Checks if there is a reverse DNS record published for the sending IP.

FCrDNS: Forward Confirmed rDNS makes sure that an A record is published for the rDNS domain, and that it is the same as the sending IP.

MX Record: For each domain (From, Return-Path and Reply-To) we make sure that there is a published MX record, that it is valid, and that we can connect to the identified mail servers.

Blacklists: We check 100+ different blacklists for the sending IP, as well as the domains of the From address, Return-Path address and Reply-To address (if they exist).

Spam Checks: We run the email through Spam Assassin and provide the score and full results.

Link Checking: Launching in September 2015, this will crawl through all the links in your email and make sure that they are valid.

More Coming Soon!

As with our In-Flight Monitors, we strive to be exhaustive in our checks. One example: when we check domains for MX records or blacklists, we check both with and without sub-domains.

We’ll keep you posted as we continue to add new features to both our Pre-Flight Checks and In-Flight Monitoring solutions!  If you’re interested in learning more, please give us a shout!