Real-Time Email Deliverability Alerts

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  • December 30, 2014

Email Copilot provides you with alerts on email deliverability in real-time, and automatically.  We integrate with your existing ESP (Email Service Provider), it takes about 2 minutes to set up, and you can kick back and know that we’ll let you know when things are going wrong.  Not only that, we’ll show you what to do to resolve issues.

This post is to showcase the alerts section of the product, and to share a little context about what we watch and why.

What do we watch?

The data we look at is straight from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Mailbox Provider’s mouth.  That’s Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and the other 1000+ ISPs that exist out there.  They’re telling you how to be a better sender…but unfortunately that data is incredibly noisy, is difficult to get access to, and challenging to make sense of.  Fortunately, we’ve made it easy!  We normalize it, make sense of it, and alert you when necessary.

We measure against industry safe standards as well as your historical average.  If anything goes out of whack against these measurements, we alert you.  Below are some of the metrics we currently track:

  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Deferral Rate
  • Abuse / Spam Reporting Rate
  • Unsubscribe Rate
  • Security and Authentication Policy Issues (i.e. SPF, DKIM, etc)
  • Blacklists

We’ve turned all of this data and categorization into into hundreds of actionable alerts.  Meaning, we don’t just tell you there’s a problem…we let you know why there’s a problem and what you need to do to resolve it.

What’s it look like?

Email Copilot Deliverability Alert Screen

Email Copilot Deliverability Alert Screen

This screenshot shows some example alerts.  You will see the type of alert, the severity, a description of the alert, and the time the alert triggered. Beyond that, there’s also a “how to fix” button that will give you even more context about the alert…including recommendations on how to fix the problem!

Note that you can have as many ESP accounts as you wish, and the system can identify which ESP accounts are having issues.  You can also filter yourself by each account you have in order to see what’s going on.

Select which ESP account you'd like to focus see alerts for.

Select which ESP account you’d like to focus see alerts for.

Setup is simple, you can literally be up and running in two minutes flat!  Still have questions?  Give us a shout!