Reducing Send Button Anxiety: Tips from Email on Acid

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  • October 19, 2015

Holiday emails are likely the most important—and most anxiety producing—emails you’ll send all year. What can you do to reduce that anxiety and know that your email is going to both look good and make it to the inbox? Email on Acid and Email Copilot teamed up to answer that question, and many more, in their October 8 webinar, “Decreasing Send Button Anxiety.”


You are likely familiar with the services Email Copilot provides that can remedy post-send deliverability issues. The blog post below, from our partners at Email on Acid, describes steps to take to send a campaign that renders impeccably in every inbox.


You’ve been there before. You spend days, no weeks, finalizing the copy and creative for your big email campaign. You’ve checked every box on your checklist and schedule the email to send. Not two minutes after it goes out, you get a phone call.

“Umm, Al? There’s something weird going on with this email. It looks like the text is running into the photo. And the link on that last button? Doesn’t seem to be working.”

But the email looked fine on your computer! And you thought you’d double-checked every link. How could you miss one?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s examine a pre-send quality control process that eliminates this scenario—and your nightmares of it—for good.

Uncovering rendering problems

First things first. You can’t fix problems that you don’t know exist and rendering issues are actually quite common in email due to the lack of coding standards across rendering engines. The best way to identify those issues pre-deployment is to test your email in a range of email clients and devices, which, if you were to attempt on your own, could take quite a bit of time.

Email on Acid’s service provides access to 40+ email clients and mobile devices for pre-deployment testing and the process is easy. Instead of sending a test email to yourself, you send it to your Email on Acid testing address. In a matter of mere minutes, the email is rendered in our live clients and devices and screenshots are returned to you in a results window.

You can view each individual screenshot and scroll through the email to check for any rendering issues. Then when you find that pesky client that is removing your image padding, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.

Troubleshooting options and support

Email rendering issues can be caused by a variety of small details in your code. Thankfully, we’ve been identifying and documenting solutions for these issues for years. Our testing platform includes a code optimizer tool that identifies and categorizes—critical, medium, small—potential code problems and a library of tips and tricks for remedying them.

We also have a number of coding guides, whitepapers and blog posts to help you through the remediation process. If you are running into a particularly difficult issue for which a solution hasn’t been documented, the Email on Acid community forum is a great resource. Our community members enjoy the challenge of new coding problems and the opportunity to share their best workarounds. And, once you’ve identified and implemented a solution, run it back through the testing platform to ensure it worked.

More timesaving techniques

Remember that broken link in the opening scenario? The Email on Acid testing platform also includes a link and image validator, which verifies that every link and image included in your email has a working reference. No need to click through every link to make sure it works; just look for the green check marks in your testing window.

Furthermore, your entire pre-send collaboration process—you know where you send a test email to everyone who needs to sign off before scheduling the actual send—can be simplified and all feedback gathered in one place with the Email on Acid Mark-up tool. Questions, comments, edits, and suggested can be recorded in the test results by simply sharing a link with your colleagues or clients.


So, what are you waiting for? Email on Acid offers a free, seven-day trial. Head on over to their website to check out the suite of tools that aims to simplify and de-stress your email sending process. And, while you are at it, download our “Reducing Anxiety in the Email Process” checklist to help eliminate the stress in your email marketing process.



About the Author

Tanya-Wheeler-BerlinerTanya Wheeler-Berliner is the senior marketing manager for Email on Acid, a company that provides email testing, troubleshooting and tracking tools to help simplify and improve your email marketing efforts.