Updates to Deliverability Alerting Engine, Bounce and Deferral Code Details

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  • February 27, 2015

We’ve updated our deliverability alerting engine to be more intelligent, we’ve improved our bounce code details and notifications, and are soon to be releasing deferral code details and notifications.  Check out the details below!

Deliverability Alerting Engine Improvements

This week, we’re releasing some new additions to our alerting engine.  We dug deep, looked at billions of emails and data, and have modified our alerting engine to be much…much more intelligent!  What does that mean for our customers?  More relevant alerts.  Less noise.

What is a deliverability alert?

When email isn’t getting to the inbox, or an ISP like Gmail or Yahoo doesn’t like what they’re seeing…we know it.  Not only that, we identify why it’s happening…and what you can do to fix it.  We do this in real-time, automatically.

Alert for a High Deferral Rate

Alert for a High Deferral Rate


Bounce Code Details

The email protocol is over 3 decades old.  Sure, it’s been updated…but there’s a lot of legacy junk out there muddying the waters.  Because of this, when you send an email, one of a thousand or so ISPs will respond with a message and a code.  In many cases, that response will be different than how another ISP will respond.  In many cases, the response will simply be incorrect or vague.  In other cases, the code won’t match the message, causing even more confusion.  Sometimes, you can even find humor in these error codes!

Someone has to make sense of this noise, and that’s exactly what we do.  We normalize the data, clean it up, and provide actionable items that can be used to resolve issues.  A number of weeks back we launched our bounce code details tab, which shows by priority the items that are most frequent and need attention.

ISP Email Bounce Codes - Why you have a problem, and what to do to fix it.

ISP Email Bounce Codes – Why you have a problem, and what to do to fix it.


Deferral Code Details

A deferral code simply means that an ISP or mailbox provider can’t, or won’t, accept your email right now.  It could be because their servers are too busy.  It could be because you’re a new sender and they’re being cautious.  It could be because they’ve flagged your content as spammy.  It might be because you’re on a blacklist.  You never know without looking into the details.

Again, these codes are messy and tough to dechpher.  In many cases, more so than the bounce codes mentioned above.  In the next week we will be releasing our first iteration of the deferral code details, fashioned similarly to our bounce code solution.  We’ll keep you posted as to when they’re released!