SPFWelcome fellow Techstars companies! We’re happy to have you here. We’re testing out some new products to add to our suite of real-time alerting and resolution solutions, and are offering them to you at no charge so we can dial in the system.

What are we testing?

  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email validation system designed to help prevent spoofing. We’ve sampled millions of SPF records from some of the worlds largest websites, and we’ve found that nearly 40% of them have errors! SPF can have serious impact on email delivery, so it’s vital you get this right.
  • Blacklists are 3rd party tools that ISPs use to determine if they should receive emails from you.  Getting on a blacklist, depending on which one it is, can essentially shut down email delivery.
  • FCrDNS (Forward Confirmed Reverse DNS) assures that your domain and the IP addresses you’re sending mail from (via your ISP or internal systems) are actually matched up.
  • Optional bonus:  DKIM helps to assure ISPs that you actually created the message and it was not modified along the way.  If you send us an email from your system (details below) we can check for this as well.

How can I take advantage of this awesome offer?

Simple!  Spend about 3 minutes filling out the form below, and give us a little time to run it through the system.  We’ll reply to you with what we find (good or bad)!

  • Please include your main domain (company.com) as well as any "envelope domains" such as email.company.com. Note this is NOT the from-address domain, this is the actual domain emails are sent from through your ESP or system.
  • If you have dedicated IP addresses from your ESP or know which IPs your systems are sending from, please include them here.
  • Please list ESPs (SendGrid, ExactTarget, etc) as well as any other systems sending email on your company's behalf (HelpScout, Intercom, ZenDesk, Google Apps, etc)
  • We'll email your SPF report when done!
  • Bonus DKIM Check!

    Send an email (directly from your ESP or your automated systems) to validation@emailcopilot.com and we'll perform a DKIM check for you.