Real-Time Analytics and Reporting (Email Copilot Labs)

Below are some samples of what we’re experimenting with.  These dashboards are interactive, which means clicking on any item will sub-organize the data accordingly, and in real-time. These are not meant to be visually representative of the final product.

Real-Time View, DVR Playback, Filtering

Using fake sales data, this video shows the ability to watch data change in real-time. It also demonstrates a DVR-style rewind and playback capability. Filtering options also shown.

Real-Time Bounce Code Interaction Demo

This is a very simple demonstration of the depth of data that we have available to manipulate.  This reporting system will be built to be very interactive, intuitive, and simple to use and gain insights from.

Real-Time Interactivity w/Sample Data

This video contains sample data.  The purpose here is to simply show how the system can be made interactive to various selections and clicks.