Let’s talk about our technology…

In short, we churn on piles of data. Your data.
Then we make sense of it. In real-time.
So you can solve deliverability problems. Now.

Deliverability isn’t a new thing. Sadly, neither are the tools available to manage it.

We’re using modern technology and we’re LISTENING directly to ISPs.

Seems like the obvious choice, right?

Of course it is, but it’s easier said than done…

We consume your raw data

We’re not looking at 3rd party data, seed lists, or other lagging + unreliable indicators of problems. We’re looking at the RAW COMMUNICATION DATA between your ESP/MTA and the ISPs.

Processed in real-time. Right now. As it happens.

Bounce codes are a mess…

Mailbox providers are telling us a story, many are just not very good at it. Codes are incorrectly used or miscategorized, the text in the response doesn’t align, and when you’ve got millions or billions of these codes to parse through…yeah.

We’ve recategorized everything. Thousands of combinations of bounce codes and context now all makes sense.

Proactive and intelligent alerting

Assuming you have good access to your data, trying to PROACTIVELY find problems is a nightmare even if you’ve got the training to decipher it.

Our alerting engine not only tells you about problems within ONE HOUR, it does so intelligently. We don’t bother you with alerts that don’t matter.

WHERE? …and WHY?

Great. You have a high bounce or deferral rate. NOW what? Which ISP is this happening at? What are they saying? What emails are most likely the cause?

Data. Organized. At your fingertips. With a single click, surround yourself with information so you can quickly solve problems.

PIles of data. Beautifully visualized.

Humans are visual. You can’t see the big picture looking at a 30MB log file. Existing tools and options simply can’t deliver this kind of visual intelligence.

See it. Believe it. Fix it.

How we improve the troubleshooting process:

Speed to identification increased.
Resource time required to understand problem reduced.
Proactivity through the roof.

Marketers + Brands

ESPs + Agencies

The Email Copilot Way

Automatically identify the problem w/context

Revenue, opens, or clicks seem to be down

Start proactively solving the problem (within an hour)

Call the ESP or a 3rd party for help

Receive a phone call from a frustrated customer

Free time to focus on your email program!


Rally a response team, throw humans at log files

Free time to serve more customers!

Receive a response (sometimes days later)

Provide a response (sometimes days later)

How our technology has helped, where others could not

Some case studies are below, more can be found here!